When creating a new ConfigMgr 2012 distribution point I noticed that the directories for my DP were being created on the remote site server but no content was being placed in them. Upon investigating further I see and error “Failed to configure IIS virtual directories on the distribution point” followed by a message reading “SMSWeb website could not be found” in the distmgr.log on the primary site server. I tried removing the distribution point and adding it back several times but that didn’t help. I even tried removing IIS and adding it back manually rather than allowing ConfigMgr to install and configure it but I kept seeing the same issue. Out of frustration I decided to just manually create the SMSWeb website. First I created a directory “SMSWeb” under C:\Inetpub then I created a custom website called SMSWeb on port 8080. As soon as the website was created packages started flowing to my new distribution point. Problem solved!